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Outdoor Recreation Information

Pittsburg's 200,000 acres consist of dense spruce forests, areas of clear cut, ample mountain streams, high mountain bogs, and the fertile Connecticut River valley. Numerous logging roads make the forest lands accessible. Most all lands are open to the public for hunting thanks primarily to the Lyme Timber Company.


The Connecticut Lakes are a group of lakes in Coos County, northern New Hampshire, United States, situated along the headwaters of the Connecticut River. They are accessed via the northernmost segment of U. S. Route 3, between the village of Pittsburg and the Canada port of entry south of Chartierville, Quebec.

There are four lakes: First, Second, Third and Fourth Connecticut Lake, numerically running south to north. The lakes decrease in size and increase in elevation, sequentially from first to fourth. The fourth lake is the source of the Connecticut River.

The first three lakes can be accessed from U. S. Route 3, while the only access to the fourth lake is via the Fourth Connecticut Lake Trail, which goes in and out of Canada.

Lake Francis lies to the south of the four Connecticut Lakes. It is a man-made reservoir and the last of the major lakes along the Connecticut River in northern New Hampshire.

Lake Francis State Park
439 River Rd Pittsburg NH 03592 603-538-6965
Lake Francis State Park lies on the shores of Lake Francis, a 2,000 acre lake. Seasonal canoe rentals are available. Lake Francis campground provides 45 sites, including 9 sites with water/electric (20 amp) hook-ups and 9 sites for ATV camping.

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Hunting & Fishing

Anglers and hunters aged 16 and older need to be licensed to fish or hunt in New Hampshire. The listed guides will be able to help plan your hunting and fishing trips, and provide licenses.
Also check with the NH Fish and Game department for licenses, dates and regulations. •

There are three ways to purchase a NH hunting or fishing license: